Linda Kozlowski And Paul Hogan Are Still In Love

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Even though Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan have been married for no less than 23 years, the couple is still happy and very much in love. Paul shocked the world back in the 1980s, when the actor divorced his wife to marry his set colleague. Since that moment, the two have formed one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood.

Earlier this year, Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan have been spotted together, once again on the red carpet. The age difference between the two is quite visible now, but the chemistry is still there. So, both Linda and Paul looked really happy as they cosied up on the red carpet. Their son accompanied them at the event.

Paul joked around with his family and felt great in front of the cameras. He proved to still have the charismatic personality that made him a worldwide known star more than 30 years ago. Now, Paul is 73 years old.

On the other hand, Linda is 54 and she looks amazingly. Besides looking really young, Linda looks very happy. She hasn’t acted since her role in the third Crocodile Dundee, back in 2001, but she remains really famous.

Paul first married in 1958. His first wife was Noelene Edwards. The couple separated in 1981, but remarried just a year later. In 1986, they separated for the second time and this decision remained final. It was claimed that the divorce occurred after Paul began his relationship with Linda. Linda was born in 1958, the year when Paul wedded for the first time.

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What Kozlowski’s Husband Thinks Of Her

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Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski’s husband for over 25 years said that she looks gorgeous since she dyed her hair darker and lost some weight. He declared for Woman’s Day magazine: “She’s always been too good for me and now it’s even worse. She is absolutely gorgeous. She knocks my socks off – she really does. But the only problem is, with her looking like that, no-one is asking me about my gorgeous figure!”


When asked about how she lost weight, Linda Kozlowski said that she did it through dancing. She admitted that she hates going to gym, but dancing is great for her.


Linda Kozlowski added that following a healthy diet is crucial. She declared: “I feel so happy when I dance and it has really helped me get in shape. I would say to any woman who is looking to get in her best shape. Put on some music and just dance around!”


Her husband was previously accused of evading Australian tax payments, but all charges against him were dropped. Nonetheless, Linda said that it was a stressful time for him: “…a lot of stress. It’s like being held hostage. It’s sick.”


The two met when they were leading stars in Crocodile Dundee. They married on May, 1990, after Hogan divorced from his wife Noelene, to whom he had been married to twice for 32 years. Kozlowsk had also been married once before.  Paul and Hogan have a boy, Chance. The actress retired from the acting business because she was dissatisfied with the roles that were offered her. Meanwhile, she has more time for herself, her family and this makes her happy.

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Linda Kozlowski Between Then And Now

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Linda Kozlowski is one of the American actresses who has managed to build a great career for themselves in their younger years, but have decided to sit on the margins and to stop acting at some point. She started out young as a fresh faced beauty and transgressed through the roles that were given to her. Today, the news that caught the attention of the media and of the people worldwide was the one stating the fact that she had some aesthetic surgeries to rejuvenate her face. The thing was that many stated that she had gone too far, given the fact that she looked a lot more different than the way in which a beautiful face like hers should have aged. The spotting was done at the G’Day USA Australia Week 2012 gala in Hollywood.

The media started to speculate on what were the procedures the actress opted for, as the fact that she got them was not to be denied from her drastically changed looks. Specialists who have studied the way in which she used to look and how she looks now have stated that the obvious changes made have been the dermal fillers, which gave her a more plumped look, and botox, definitely for removal of the wrinkles from all portions of the face. Some other procedures rumored have been a nose job, an eyelid lift and a brow lift. The finality of the fact was that more and more people stated that she did not succeed in her rejuvenation process, but that she actually managed to make herself look fake and as a result a lot more aged than she should be looking like at this time.

Linda Kozlowski began her career in the moments when she was one of the most beautiful young Hollywood actresses. As time passed, she came out of the spotlight and left the leading roles to the other women of the industry. Even so, she maintained her Hollywood status and glamor. Through the actions that have been seen on her part these days, it is easy to understand that she gained something else as well from her Hollywood status – the love for plastic surgeries. There is no denying the fact that Linda Kozlowski had a face rejuvenation, but many fans and admirers have asked why she opted for such a drastic transformation.

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