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Linda Kozlowski is the most known co-star of Paul Hogan. Not just that she appeared in several movies with him, but she eventually married the actor in 1990, on May 5. Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan have a child together, Chance, but he also has another son from a previous relationship: Brett Hogan.They both achieved success with Crocodile Dundee and in 2001 they took their roles once again to complete the trilogy. In her career, Kozlowski managed to obtain the public attention with two controversial scenes in which she appeared, scenes that would not be emphasized so much today, but that received wide attention when the movies appeared.

The first is a scene from Crocodile Dundee, in which the actress can be seen in a thong bikini.

The movie centers an American reporter traveling to the Australian outback to meet a crocodile hunter. He survived a crocodile attach and she is curious to learn more about how did he do that. In exchange for the information, he invites him in New York, where he is very intrigued of the fact that the city is extremely different from his usual environment. Although the movie is a comedy, all eyes were on the scene where Linda Kozlowski takes her clothes off!

The second video which brought Linda Kozlowski in the public eye is one from Favorite Son, where once again, she remains without clothing and she looks very provocative as she ties herself to the bed.

This is a mini-serial with a political subject about the candidates for Vice-Presidency. One is shot, as it is discovered that the staff of his adversary plots to make sure their candidate gets elected once again.

In present, Linda Kozlowski opted to leave the movie scene and to dedicate herself to theater and to her family.

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