Linda Kozlowski – A Popular And Talented Actress

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Linda Kozlowski is a popular American actress, who has managed to achieve worldwide fame and recognition due to her impressive stage performances. Linda Kozlowski was born on January 7, 1958, in Fairfield, Connecticut. She made her acting debut in 1981. Actually, Linda Kozlowski has initially decided to pursue a career as a singer, studying at the highly famed Juilliard School. The star studied opera and she managed to show that she possess some impressive skills to sing even the hardest operas in the world. She made her debut on Broadway in the production How It All Began. The event actually took place soon after Linda Kozlowski graduated from Juilliard.

Linda Kozlowski soon got another Broadway role. She was cast in Death of a Salesman. She played the role of Miss Forsythe, both in 1984 and in 1985. However, Linda Kozlowski received worldwide recognition only in 1986, when she was cast in Crocodile Dundee. This actually was the first movie role that Linda Kozlowski has ever received. In fact, this part managed to change the actress’s life, as on the sets of Crocodile Dundee, Linda Kozlowski actually met Paul Hogan, whom she soon started to date. The two went to marry in 1990. And they have been a happy couple for years. The actress and her husband also have a boy together. Anyway, this was the second marriage for Linda Kozlowski.

During the years, Linda Kozlowski’s fame only continued to grow and the actress began to be more appreciated by both fans and movie critics. Well, there is no shock in that, as Linda Kozlowski has surely proved a great talent. In the 1990s, Linda Kozlowski was cast in many movies, including Almost an Angel, Backstreet Justice, The Neighbor, Village of the Damned, but also two more movies from the Crocodile Dundee trilogy, Crocodile Dundee II and Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles. All her performances, no matter the type of roles Linda Kozlowski had to interpret, received the best reviews, equally from fans and movie specialists. Either way, the actress put an end to her career in 2001, when her last acting project was released.

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