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Discover some interesting facts in this Linda Kozlowski Biography…some facts you may not have ever heard of until now. A native of Fairfield, Connecticut, Kozlowski trained as an opera singer at the prestigious Juilliard School. Not too long after graduating, 1981-1982, she debuted in an off-Broadway production "How It All Began." After that, she landed the role of "Miss Forsythe" in the 1984 Broadway show Death of a Salesman starring Dustin Hoffman. Not only that, she was hire to play the same role in the 1985 film version.

But here's where Kozlowski's big break happened. In the 1986 box office hit, Australian film Crocodile Dundee, she was cast as the female – opposite Paul Hogan. This blonde bombshell made huge splash with her very first screen role, play the photo-journalist hired to do a story on "'Crocodile' Dundee" (1986) and then, against all odds, falls in love with him. Now here's where the Linda Kozlowski biography gets really interesting. See the chemistry between Hogan and Kozlowski bubbled over into a real love relationship. They became husband and wife on May 5, 1990 and they have a son together – Chance.

The year following the release of Crocodile Dundee, 1987, Hogan reprised her starring role in Crocodile Dundee II. The two completed the trilogy with Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in 2001. Other movies starring Kozlowski is the 1990 film Almost An Angel, Backstreet Justice (opposite Paul Sorvino) and the The Neighbor (alongside Rod Steiger) as well as Village of the Damned in 1995. Hopefully this Linda Kozolwski has brought you up to speed on her exciting career in movies, Broadway shows and film.

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