Linda Kozlowski Has Retired

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Linda Kozlowski is an America actress born on January 7, 1958 and she was raised on Fairfield, Connecticut. She graduated Andrew Warde High School and on 1981, she also graduated from the Juillard School’s drama division and one of her classmates was Val Kilmer. Linda is a talented actress, who has been nominated for A Golden Globe Award. Her career started between 1981 and 1982 off-Broaodway production, How It All Began. In 1986, she as cast in the film Crocodile Dundee, along with Paul Hogan, with whom she started a love relationship.  Later, she starred in Pass the Ammo with Tim Curry, Bill Paxton and Annie Pots. In 1990, she acted in Almost An Angel, The Neighbour, as well as in Backstreet Justice and in Village of the Damned.

Linda had various and difficult roles, but her talent was obvious, so he started to have a lot of fans and to be appreciated for her acting skills, but also for her beauty. Her career was impressive, but in 1990, she decided to take a break to marry Hogan. Their wedding took place on 5 May, following his divorce from his wife with whom he has been married for 32 years.

Linda Kozlowski and Hogan have a boy named Chance. Nonetheless, Linda Kozlowski made a decision that shocked a lot of people when she gave up to the acting business, saying that this was giving her ulcer because she was the only one that cared about anything. She added that her biological clock and health were affected, so she chose to give up to such a career. During the time she was successful, Linda was a sex symbol and men were crazy about her. Now, she is retired from acting, trying to live a happy and comfortable life, far away from the limelight. Nonetheless, she was filmed by paparazzi and it seems that she underwent a few aesthetic surgeries to improve her look, but she hasn’t that fresh face anymore. Specialists claim that these changes are huge and that she looks completely different. Despite this fact, Linda will remain one of the most famous Hollywood actress and she has proved enough that she has the look and the skills to be an important part of the film industry which is very competitive.

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