Linda Kozlowski Personal Life

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Linda Kozlowski is a famous actress both on the screen and on the Broadway scene. She started out her career young, developing and aiming at the musical part of the entertainment industry. Linda Kozlowski was born in a Polish family, that resided in Fairfield, Connecticut, on January 7, 1958. As she grew up, her talent in terms of acting and singing were noticed by the family. These skills did not go to waste, as Linda Kozlowski enrolled at the Juilliard School, in order to become an opera singer. The choice of trainings and education facilities proved out to be the perfect choice, as Linda Kozlowski received her first off-Broadway role immediately after graduating from Juilliard. Thus, her first appearance on the stage was noted between 1981 and 1982, in the production How It All Began. Since this first breakthrough, the roles kept on coming, making the actress a household name for the screen, as well as for the stage.

The developments that followed her career placed a sort of influence on her personal life as well, as it does in most cases of famous individuals. One of the most important aspects in this respect is that she married Paul Hogan, an Australian actor, with whom she played in the Crocodile Dundee installments. Linda Kozlowski was married once before. Her second marriage, to Paul Hogan, took place in 1990 and it resulted in the birth of a very wonderful son, Chance. In recent years, Linda Kozlowski decided that she would slowly give up on her acting career due to the fact that she was dissatisfied with the roles cast to her. The modern developments in the industry did not accommodate her acting skills and talents. Linda Kozlowski has cited to say that the productions she was cast in went straight to video, which made all the people on set lack interest for the film. Even so, she still wanted to make a great role out of it, but it seemed to her that the others were not as interested. Thus, Linda Kozlowski eventually decided to take herself out of the run slowly and to start focusing on her family life.

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