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Some of the celebrities that are around these days are very diverse with the roles they are playing not only on TV and in the movies but also in Broadway musical, modeling and fashion which is always a big thing for the ladies. If you are a talented celebrity then you might also be a singer or a songwriter which is something that many people are giving a go at because the fans love it. Linda Kozlowski is one of these talented celebrities who has her fingers in several pies at once so that she can be seen everywhere and do the things that she enjoys doing the most. Linda originally trained as an opera singer however her talents took her to other places and later in around 1985 she became an actress for Hollywood as well. Death of a Salesmen was the name of the Broadway production that Linda appeared in which was one that spent a lot of time on Broadway.

Linda is also well known for her part in the big blockbuster movie Crocodile Dundee which came out in 1986. Starring next to Paul Hogan who was a great actor and big celebrity at the time Linda got famous for being one of the sexiest women on the big screen at the time as well as extra fame for posing partly nude in the film. She was also in the next movie where Crocodile Dundee has to save her from gangster and then again in the third and final movie for this series. The three Crocodile Dundee movies gave her acting from 1986 to 2001 with the three movies been made in both America and Australia. When 1990 came she played a starring role in the all time favorite for many people, Almost an Angel and then several years later in the horror Village of the Damned.

Linda Kozlowski was one of the biggest sex symbols on TV when the original Crocodile Dundee movie came out and now she is still finding work here and there however if you where to ask Linda you might find that she is living comfortable and basically semi retired from acting. Her last acting was in the final of the Crocodile Dundee movies which was released in 2001.

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