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Linda Kozlowski was born in Fairfield Connecticut and has received classical opera training to shape her voice into something that is truly amazing and beautiful. She has worked hard for years to get to where she is today. Her career began with a 1981 debut of “Hot it all Began” which was an off-Broadway production that got her started in acting. After Kozlowski was done with that role she appeared in a Broadway performance of “Death of a Salesman” which also starred Dustin Hoffman. After she was seen portraying the very challenging role in the stage production of the play, she was later asked to play in the film for it as well.

For this talented singer and actress the big break that she received came in 1986 when she appeared in a film called “Crocodile Dundee” which starred Paul Hogan. The movie was a smash hit and it was ultimately responsible for putting her on the map and after that she began to get noticed by a number of people in Hollywood. She now has a son named Chance as well as her husband. These days she doesn’t do a lot of acting except for the occasional Broadway play or film appearance. After Crocodile Dundee she also appeared in The Village which came out in 1995 and only contributed to her growing career in film, giving her the chance to really shine and display her many talents as an actress.

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