Things To Know About the Career of Linda Kozlowski

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Starting her career young, Linda Kozlowski is a famous actress both on screen and on the Broadway stage. Linda Kozlowski started her acting career from a very early stage, developing and aiming at the musical part of the wide entertainment industry. The acting career of Linda Kozlowski began when she met her future husband Paul Hogan, as they both starred in The Crocodile Dundee movies. Their relationship that started onset developed and grew into a real one. In 1990, Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan finally decided to get married. Nowadays, they live together with their son, Chance, in California.

Linda Kozlowski was born in Fairfield, Connecticut, to a Polish family. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to pursue a career in music and acting. This is one of the reasons Linda Kozlowski went to Juilliard School. She studied classical music and soon after graduating she debuted in the 1981-1982 off-Broadway production, How It All Began. Before making her big break with Crocodile Dundee, Linda Kozlowski played Miss Forsythe on Broadway, in Death of a Salesman and in 1984 took the same role in the film version of 1985. Linda Kozlowski also took on other roles in motion pictures such as Almost an Angel, The Neighbour, and The Village of the Damned.

Linda Kozlowski has largely left the acting business because of dissatisfaction with the roles she was receiving. Linda Kozlowski claimed that the offers for the roles were not suited for her, that is why she decided to retire from the movie industry and cater to her family. Unlike other Hollywood stars, Linda Kozlowski was able to stay away from public scandals and keep her private life, private. One could say that Linda Kozlowski is the perfect example of privacy for people everywhere. Occasionally, Linda Kozlowski plays minor roles in Broadway plays, or has cameos in different movies. Linda Kozlowski is a wonderful actress, a great mother and an attentive wife. Linda Kozlowski is always going to be remembered as the hot chick from Crodile Dundee movies.

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Linda Kozlowski Personal Life

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Linda Kozlowski is a famous actress both on the screen and on the Broadway scene. She started out her career young, developing and aiming at the musical part of the entertainment industry. Linda Kozlowski was born in a Polish family, that resided in Fairfield, Connecticut, on January 7, 1958. As she grew up, her talent in terms of acting and singing were noticed by the family. These skills did not go to waste, as Linda Kozlowski enrolled at the Juilliard School, in order to become an opera singer. The choice of trainings and education facilities proved out to be the perfect choice, as Linda Kozlowski received her first off-Broadway role immediately after graduating from Juilliard. Thus, her first appearance on the stage was noted between 1981 and 1982, in the production How It All Began. Since this first breakthrough, the roles kept on coming, making the actress a household name for the screen, as well as for the stage.

The developments that followed her career placed a sort of influence on her personal life as well, as it does in most cases of famous individuals. One of the most important aspects in this respect is that she married Paul Hogan, an Australian actor, with whom she played in the Crocodile Dundee installments. Linda Kozlowski was married once before. Her second marriage, to Paul Hogan, took place in 1990 and it resulted in the birth of a very wonderful son, Chance. In recent years, Linda Kozlowski decided that she would slowly give up on her acting career due to the fact that she was dissatisfied with the roles cast to her. The modern developments in the industry did not accommodate her acting skills and talents. Linda Kozlowski has cited to say that the productions she was cast in went straight to video, which made all the people on set lack interest for the film. Even so, she still wanted to make a great role out of it, but it seemed to her that the others were not as interested. Thus, Linda Kozlowski eventually decided to take herself out of the run slowly and to start focusing on her family life.

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Linda Kozlowki – Career Facts

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Linda Kozlowski is an American actress and a Juilliard graduate with Broadway play experience, who found movie success in the billabongs of Australia, with her frequent co-star and husband, Paul Hogan. The film romance with her Crocodile Dundee co-star grew into a real life relationship during the filming of the first two movies. Linda Kozlowski got married to Paul Hogan in 1990. Linda Kozlowski and her husband reside in California and have one son, named Chance.

Linda Kozlowski is more of a Broadway actress, rather than a Hollywood one, although she made her debut in the Australian movie, Crocodile Dundee. After graduating from Juilliard School, she made her debut with an off-Broadway production, called How It All Began. After the big success Linda Kozlowski had with Crocodile Dundee, she also starred with Tim Curry, Annie Potts and Bill Paxton in Pass the Ammo. After that movie, Linda Kozlowski, appeared in Almost an Angel, The Neighbour, and Village of the Damned. 

After her appearance in Crocodile Dundee, Linda Kozlowski was considered one of the biggest sex symbols on TV. Nowadays, she is always finding something to do and she is semi-retired from the acting business. Linda Kozlowski is now dedicated to charity, the promotion of certain non-profit organizations, and taking care of her wonderful family. Her last big role was in the last part of the Crocodile Dundee trilogy, in 2001. Linda Kozlowski is without doubt one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, who managed to stay away from the limelight and from public scandal. Linda Kozlowski is an example of privacy for women everywhere. She does not care about the newspapers write about her and her family. Linda Kozlowski only knows that she needs to be as private as possible, and not let all the world know about what she is doing every day of her life.

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Facts on Linda Kozlowski

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Linda Kozlowski is a gorgeous American actress, born on January 7, 1958, in Fairfield, Connecticut. You may wonder where does her name come from. Well, Linda Kozlowski was born in a Polish family, so do not be surprised if you have a hard time pronouncing her name. Her career started at the world-famous Juilliard School, where she trained to be an opera singer. Everybody noticed that Linda Kozlowski was extremely talented, so right after graduating, she landed a part in the off-Broadway production How It All Began, in 1981. It did not take long, though, until Linda Kozlowski  managed to enter the tough and often cruel environment of Broadway.

One of her first Broadway roles was Miss Forsythe, in the production Death of a Salesman. Then, the Broadway production was turned into a movie in the following year, and Linda Kozlowski got the part once again. Once she appeared on the big screen, Linda Kozlowski became a celebrity. The truth is that Linda Kozlowski was hard to be ignored, especially due to her unique and exotic beauty. Nevertheless, Linda Kozlowski gained international recognition in 1986, where she starred along Paul Hogan in Crocodile Dundee, an Australian movie. The thing is that Linda Kozlowski met Paul Hogan on the set, but behind the scenes a romantic relationship soon began. Linda Kozlowski became his wife in 1990, and they are still happily married now. In 2001, Linda Kozlowski gave birth to his son, named Chance Hogan.

As Paul Hogan had a son from a previous relationship, Linda Kozlowski became his stepmother. She stated, however, that she loves him just like her own, which proves the kind-hearted spirit of Linda Kozlowski. Further on, Linda Kozlowski starred in many more productions, including Village of the Damned, Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeled, Zorn, Backstreet Justice, The Neighbor, Almost an Angel and Crocodile Dundee II. Linda Kozlowski is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Hollywood, who managed to stay away from public scandals, and to be an example for women everywhere.

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More About Linda Kozlowski

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Linda Kozlowski was born in Fairfield Connecticut and has received classical opera training to shape her voice into something that is truly amazing and beautiful. She has worked hard for years to get to where she is today. Her career began with a 1981 debut of “Hot it all Began” which was an off-Broadway production that got her started in acting. After Kozlowski was done with that role she appeared in a Broadway performance of “Death of a Salesman” which also starred Dustin Hoffman. After she was seen portraying the very challenging role in the stage production of the play, she was later asked to play in the film for it as well.

For this talented singer and actress the big break that she received came in 1986 when she appeared in a film called “Crocodile Dundee” which starred Paul Hogan. The movie was a smash hit and it was ultimately responsible for putting her on the map and after that she began to get noticed by a number of people in Hollywood. She now has a son named Chance as well as her husband. These days she doesn’t do a lot of acting except for the occasional Broadway play or film appearance. After Crocodile Dundee she also appeared in The Village which came out in 1995 and only contributed to her growing career in film, giving her the chance to really shine and display her many talents as an actress.

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Linda Kozlowski Biography

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Discover some interesting facts in this Linda Kozlowski Biography…some facts you may not have ever heard of until now. A native of Fairfield, Connecticut, Kozlowski trained as an opera singer at the prestigious Juilliard School. Not too long after graduating, 1981-1982, she debuted in an off-Broadway production "How It All Began." After that, she landed the role of "Miss Forsythe" in the 1984 Broadway show Death of a Salesman starring Dustin Hoffman. Not only that, she was hire to play the same role in the 1985 film version.

But here's where Kozlowski's big break happened. In the 1986 box office hit, Australian film Crocodile Dundee, she was cast as the female – opposite Paul Hogan. This blonde bombshell made huge splash with her very first screen role, play the photo-journalist hired to do a story on "'Crocodile' Dundee" (1986) and then, against all odds, falls in love with him. Now here's where the Linda Kozlowski biography gets really interesting. See the chemistry between Hogan and Kozlowski bubbled over into a real love relationship. They became husband and wife on May 5, 1990 and they have a son together – Chance.

The year following the release of Crocodile Dundee, 1987, Hogan reprised her starring role in Crocodile Dundee II. The two completed the trilogy with Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in 2001. Other movies starring Kozlowski is the 1990 film Almost An Angel, Backstreet Justice (opposite Paul Sorvino) and the The Neighbor (alongside Rod Steiger) as well as Village of the Damned in 1995. Hopefully this Linda Kozolwski has brought you up to speed on her exciting career in movies, Broadway shows and film.

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Linda Kozlowski – online fan site

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Some of the celebrities that are around these days are very diverse with the roles they are playing not only on TV and in the movies but also in Broadway musical, modeling and fashion which is always a big thing for the ladies. If you are a talented celebrity then you might also be a singer or a songwriter which is something that many people are giving a go at because the fans love it. Linda Kozlowski is one of these talented celebrities who has her fingers in several pies at once so that she can be seen everywhere and do the things that she enjoys doing the most. Linda originally trained as an opera singer however her talents took her to other places and later in around 1985 she became an actress for Hollywood as well. Death of a Salesmen was the name of the Broadway production that Linda appeared in which was one that spent a lot of time on Broadway.

Linda is also well known for her part in the big blockbuster movie Crocodile Dundee which came out in 1986. Starring next to Paul Hogan who was a great actor and big celebrity at the time Linda got famous for being one of the sexiest women on the big screen at the time as well as extra fame for posing partly nude in the film. She was also in the next movie where Crocodile Dundee has to save her from gangster and then again in the third and final movie for this series. The three Crocodile Dundee movies gave her acting from 1986 to 2001 with the three movies been made in both America and Australia. When 1990 came she played a starring role in the all time favorite for many people, Almost an Angel and then several years later in the horror Village of the Damned.

Linda Kozlowski was one of the biggest sex symbols on TV when the original Crocodile Dundee movie came out and now she is still finding work here and there however if you where to ask Linda you might find that she is living comfortable and basically semi retired from acting. Her last acting was in the final of the Crocodile Dundee movies which was released in 2001.

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