Things To Know About the Career of Linda Kozlowski

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Starting her career young, Linda Kozlowski is a famous actress both on screen and on the Broadway stage. Linda Kozlowski started her acting career from a very early stage, developing and aiming at the musical part of the wide entertainment industry. The acting career of Linda Kozlowski began when she met her future husband Paul Hogan, as they both starred in The Crocodile Dundee movies. Their relationship that started onset developed and grew into a real one. In 1990, Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan finally decided to get married. Nowadays, they live together with their son, Chance, in California.

Linda Kozlowski was born in Fairfield, Connecticut, to a Polish family. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to pursue a career in music and acting. This is one of the reasons Linda Kozlowski went to Juilliard School. She studied classical music and soon after graduating she debuted in the 1981-1982 off-Broadway production, How It All Began. Before making her big break with Crocodile Dundee, Linda Kozlowski played Miss Forsythe on Broadway, in Death of a Salesman and in 1984 took the same role in the film version of 1985. Linda Kozlowski also took on other roles in motion pictures such as Almost an Angel, The Neighbour, and The Village of the Damned.

Linda Kozlowski has largely left the acting business because of dissatisfaction with the roles she was receiving. Linda Kozlowski claimed that the offers for the roles were not suited for her, that is why she decided to retire from the movie industry and cater to her family. Unlike other Hollywood stars, Linda Kozlowski was able to stay away from public scandals and keep her private life, private. One could say that Linda Kozlowski is the perfect example of privacy for people everywhere. Occasionally, Linda Kozlowski plays minor roles in Broadway plays, or has cameos in different movies. Linda Kozlowski is a wonderful actress, a great mother and an attentive wife. Linda Kozlowski is always going to be remembered as the hot chick from Crodile Dundee movies.

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